Dennis R Decker Marine and Jeff Daley ArmyDennis R Decker, 3rd Marine Division 3rd Recon Charlie Company in Da Nang, Vietnam (Pictured Left) with Jeff Daley, MACV Army TDY to Da Nang.

Dennis R Decker reported for the last time on April 25, 2018.

As we lose our Vietnam veterans at a faster pace I could not let him go without recognizing him. I have known him for decades and he was more of a brother to me than my blood brothers. I loved him and will miss him.

Dennis R. Decker lived in Kingsland, Texas, and after many years of ill health caused by Agent Orange (AO) complications, he lost the battle. He was 71 years old.

He was born Sept. 1 7, 1946, in St. Paul. He attended school in Ogilvie. He was never married and had no children.

He was very proud to be a Marine from 1964 to 1970 serving two tours in Vietnam.

His passion was owning, running and selling businesses and most of all his precious cats.

He moved to Pierz for a while and then Onamia, Minnesota on the river. That was when he started his long journey of extreme medical conditions from the complications of Agent Orange.

He moved to Kingsland, Texas, in 2011 for health reasons and to be near his best friend since age 10.

In January of 2018, his health worsened.

He is being cremated and his ashes will be vaulted Thursday, May 17, 2018, at the Veteran’s Cemetery in Little Falls, Minnesota with his Mother and Father that served in WWII and was awarded the Silver Star.

Dennis R. Decker Marine 3rd Recon Vietnam       Dennis R Decker


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