An Experience to Behold: Fly Over the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon AZ

Stunning View over The Grand Canyon

In the United States, there’s nothing more popular than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. With an expanse of 277 miles, up to 18 miles wide and a depth of over 1 mile, it’s no wonder that the Grand Canyon is named as such because it puts the “Grand” in Grand Canyon.

Aside from its aesthetic majesty, the Grand Canyon is rich in history as well, dating back of almost 2 billion years of Earth’s geological history.

Sure, many of us has seen this monumental natural wonder but only a few of us have seen it from the sky. See the grand Canyon from a different and new perspective. It will surely be an experience worth the while.

Witness this site to behold with Maverick Helicopters as they provide aerial tours over the Grand Canyon, Sedona and even in Scottsdale. Maverick helicopters are known for their superb safety record and the world’s largest operator of Ecostar helicopters.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. Fly over the Grand Canyon with Maverick Helicopters and Scottsdale Arizona.

An Experience to Behold: Fly Over the Grand Canyon